Google Maps update fixes the worst nightmare!

Google Maps

If you are one of the million users of Google Maps app who is really frustrated with the navigation feature, here is some good news for you! Earlier while navigation, when you pick up calls, the navigation plays in the background while the caller is talking. Google devs have fixed this issue and now on you can have a hassle-less journey! The app has been updated to fix the navigation voice overlap while on call.

How to:

Go to navigation settings and turn off “Play voice during phone calls.”

Other major changes include:

  • Link your photos and your reviews.
  • Add locations to your timeline, even adding the time and date that you were at that spot.
  • Added a sign with the name of the street or exit that you are supposed to turn off on.

Use your Play Store app to update. If there is no update for you at the moment, here’s the apk.

Source: Google via AndroidAuthority


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