FingerPrint scanners are not as secure as you thought!

FingerPrint Scanner or S6

With Marshmallow Google introduced FingerPrint scanners to the vast and prolific ecosystem of Android and it was not a surprise for the iUsers as they had the feature already. Nobody has a different opinion about the easiness that fingerprint scanners brought to us when it comes to securing our phones from unauthorized usage. We are no longer limited to the tiresome and laborious pin, password unlockings either. Simply place your finger on the scanner and there we go, the phone unlocks in the split of a second. Easy, right?! BUT, the fact that it is so easy doesn’t mean that it is so secure; especially there are researchers at Michigan State University claiming that they have a method to bypass the fingerprint security.

It is not rocket science after all and it is as simple as using a printout from an inkjet printer to fool the fingerprint scanner. Having said that, it is not a regular print out but a special type of ink made by AgIC, that has conductive properties and paper that is used by ‘Do It Yourselfers’ to produce homemade circuit boards. If you have the aforementioned setup, all you need is a good quality fingerprint of the device’s owner; yes a bit hard to obtain! 😉

If you manage to obtain the print out of the fingerprint of the device’s owner, load the inkjet printer with the special AgIC produced ink cartridge. Print the scanned fingerprint image on to the special glossy AgIC paper (200 dpi settings), making sure that the size of the print equals the size of a real fingerprint. The printout can be then used to fool any fingerprint scanners on smartphones! Devices such as Samsung Galaxy S6 and Honor 7 have compromised their security scanners as of now and we do not know how many more!

Here’s a video demonstrating the process:



Source: MSU via PhoneArena


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  1. To be fair if this is the only vulnerability then your quite safe from the average attacker unless the CIA want to read your text messages, giving the fact they first need a good high quality copy of your fingerprint.

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